Experience cannot be underestimated. PRS combines fleet management expertise and the latest data-driven technologies to professionally coordinate the most complex UK or international distribution requirements.

Reverse Logistics

Recovering the maximum commercial value from returns is an integral part of what PRS does for its customers. Reverse logistics recovers goods from final destinations to capture value, then re-issue to the supply chain or instigate authorised disposal.

Returning stock to market does not have to be high cost. PRS receives, assesses, grades, re-packages and refurbishes products before flowing back to shelves. We enable customers to make informed decisions to reduce the impact on profits.

Origin Logistics

Getting stock retail-ready at source saves time and money. The PRS global networks are strategically located close to major manufacturing and distribution zones. We have partnerships that enhance what we offer customers.

Each PRS partner site ensures origin compliance and quality checks before tagging, bagging and shipping directly to the destination country – then on to agreed distribution hubs. Locations are connected to the PRS supply chain management system to give customers visibility of orders from despatch to arrival in the UK.