Fashion Processing

Fashion Processing

Knowing your customer is key. With a unique understanding of fashion retailers, mail order catalogues and online businesses, we are continually developing the systems and training people to react to the most complex logistics challenges.

Quality Control Inspections

Delivering quality for B2B or B2C is of paramount importance to all organisations. The customer is king and should be treated with respect. PRS takes great pride in it’s QC operations and maintains the highest standards from start to finish of each consignment journey.

All pallets, boxes and individually held garments that are taken for inspection are processed quickly and thoroughly before being reinstated to customer orders ahead of despatch. Ensuring quality does not mean delays.

Repricing & Re-ticket Tasks

Let us take the strain out of returns management. PRS has developed cost-effective systems to manage volume reprocessing of goods to get them back on shelves with minimal fuss.

Our teams realise the implications of stock removed from the retail chain. Each set of returns are treated as new, handled quickly, with appropriate value reinstated, bagged and prioritised for shipment to agreed destinations.

Steam Tunnelling

Getting fashion garments to retail shelves in pristine condition is essential to retain customer loyalty and confidence in a brand.

Our logistics operatives combine materials knowledge with equipment to progress varied materials through custom-built steam tunnels that relax garment fibres to eliminate unsightly creases and wrinkles.

Barcodes And Box End Labelling

Retailers need products to arrive at stores, with distributors or direct to couriers with clear identification. This saves time and hassle and prevents errors in transit. PRS prints barcodes and box end labels at source and also at our distribution centres to streamline the logistics process.

Clear marking of individual and bundled goods assists each leg of the transport process and saves customers time and money. Your valuable garments are just a scan away from the shelf or dispatch.