Why PRS?

Delivering excellence to customers has been central to the PRS ethos for nearly three decades.

Not only known within the industry, our reputation extends across continents to give customers confidence that their products will arrive on time, in perfect condition and delivered in line with cross border regulations.

Trusted partner


With over 27 years’ experience managing complex retail consignments for hundreds of UK and international clients, PRS is a logistics name you can trust to get your goods processed, transported and delivered without fuss.

Our client relationships have developed over time. Successful shipments and actions above and beyond the call of duty have become the norm.
A commitment to an unrivalled quality service is now standard.

Value added


Whether it’s the latest fashions, hanging garments, home textiles or electronic/musical instruments, PRS professionally processes multiple loads, adds value with a range of services, and then delivers retail-ready products.

Automation and experienced personnel work side by side to give amazing cost savings to our customers. Our processes give significantly shorter lead times, better quality and reduced costs. We pass value to you.